Drift School is a chance to get hands-on tutoring by experienced Drift drivers, and track time to practice newly gained skills.

Tutors will guide you through what is required as you go, providing tips and advice. They may come for a ride with you to help further or if you wish they can drive your car for you to show you how its done.

The new format for 2018 Drift Schools:

Beginner morning events - 9am - 12pm
-A Track Version 1 used. 2nd gear for most cars, easier for beginners.
-Small groups alternating on track, cars one at a time.
-Tutors assisting with advice and driving tips.

Intermediate Schools
-Run for 2 hours before selected Have a Go Days.
-For drivers who have done a school or 2 but want some more help from experienced drivers and a bit of separation from other cars.
-Same track used as the Have a Go Day.



No passengers other than approved tutors

Drift Day Rules:

  • Please keep off the grass/dirt whenever possible. If you leave the track do not continue drifting.

  • Convertible cars must have approved roll protection

  • No drifting outside zone marked with cones 

  • Noise will be tested, no cars over 95db will be allowed on track 

  • Full 100% cotton or race overalls and approved helmet (not DH mountain bike) to be worn by driver and passengers 

  • If you spin do not stay on the gas

If you do not follow these rules you will be sent home immediately



Vehicle requirements:

  • Your vehicle must be in a road worthy condition with no fluid leaks. No wof required but it must be up to wof standard.
  • Battery must be properly BOLTED down with the positive terminal covered, seat and seatbelt must be in good condition.
  • Oil catch can, if fitted, must be at least 1l capacity if engine size under 2000cc or 2l can for larger than 2000cc engine. All oil breather lines and fittings must be sealed, nothing can allow oil to escape.
  • Fire extinguishers are highly recommended, must be solidly mounted (bolted to the floor, no screws or mounting to trim)
    If you turn up with a car with unsafe items you WILL be asked to repair them before going on track

It is recommended that your car has the basic mods- suspension and LSD or locked Diff otherwise you will struggle to learn.


These are generally held every few months, so keep an eye out in the event calendar or our Facebook page.


FOR DATES & MORE INFO ON ENTERING: CLICK HERE if you actually read the rules above